I'm working on a Substrate project, and I have the following storage definition:

#[pallet::getter(fn bids)]
pub(super) type Bids<T: Config> = StorageDoubleMap<
    (Key<T>, BalanceOf<T>),

I'm trying to retrieve all items associated with a specific auction key using the Bids storage. Here's the code I'm using:

let auction_key: Key<T> = ...; // Set the auction key appropriately

let bid_history: = Bids::<T>::get(&auction_key);

This function takes 2 arguments but 1 argument was supplied

It seems that the get function of Bids requires two arguments instead of one. I'm looking for a way to retrieve all items related to the auction_key. How can I modify my code to achieve this?

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You have to use iter_prefix_values (see Rust Docs), to iterates over values that share the first key.

See an example in this test in the FRAME support pallet:

type A = StorageDoubleMap<Prefix, Blake2_128Concat, u16, Twox64Concat, u8, u32, OptionQuery>;
A::insert(3, 30, 11);
A::insert(3, 31, 12);

assert_eq!(A::iter_prefix_values(3).collect::<Vec<_>>(), vec![12, 11]);

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