I can do this to get all the structs in my storage:

        let queryResult = await api.query.mypallet.mystorage.entries();

but I want this query AT a specific block hash:

        let currentHeader = await api.rpc.chain.getHeader();
        let currentBlockNumber = currentHeader.number;
        let currentBlockHash = currentHeader.hash;
        console.log("currentBlockNumber=" + currentBlockNumber);
        console.log("currentBlockHash=" + currentBlockHash);

        let queryResult = await api.query.mypallet.mystorage.entries(); // ??????????

How can I do it?

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Did you try await api.query.mypallet.mystorage.entriesAt(blockHash)?

The method entriesAt is defined here

  • Thank you! However, VSCode is telling me that entriesAt() has been deprecated. Jul 14, 2023 at 17:47

The entriesAt() function has been deprecated so the correct way to do this is to get a separate instance of the api at the specified block hash.

const apiAtBlockHash = await this.api.at(blockHash);
let queryResult = await apiAtBlockHash.query.mypallet.mystorage.entries();

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