I want to call an external RPC method from the offchain_worker. I checked multiple jsonrpc clients but none of them were no_std compatible. I want to know if there are any clients out there which can be used within the ocw of substrate.

I also tried to call the RPCs using sp_runtime::offchain::http::Request, but couldn't find an example of post method, any examples/help would be much appreciated.

[EDIT] just found an example of the latter part here, so please just let me know if there are no_std jsonrpc clients out there.

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So looks like there's no RPC client ATM which supports no_std. the following is the implementation of an RPC method using sp_runtime::offchain::http::Request and serde:

use serde::{Deserialize, Serialize};
use scale_info::prelude::string::String;
use sp_runtime::{

#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Clone)]
struct RpcObject {
  jsonrpc: String,
  method: String,
  params: String, // could be a nested object
  id: String

#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Clone)]
struct RpcResponse {
  result: String,
  id: String

fn call_rpc_method(url: &str, method: String, params: String) -> Result<Vec<u8>, Error<T>> {
    let request_body = RpcObject {
      jsonrpc: String::from("2.0"),
      method: method.into(),
      params: params.into(),
      id: String::from("1")
    let request_body_str = serde_json::to_string(&request_body).map_err(|_| <Error<T>>::Error)?;
    let request = Request::post(url, vec![request_body_str.clone()])
      .add_header("content-type", "application/json");

    let timeout = sp_io::offchain::timestamp()

    let pending = request
      .send() // Sending the request out by the host
      .map_err(|e| {
        log::error!("rpc request err: {:?}", e);

    let response = pending
      .map_err(|e| {
        log::error!("rpc error: {:?}", e);
      .map_err(|e| {
        log::error!("rpc error: {:?}", e);

    if response.code != 200 {
      log::error!("Unexpected http request status code: {}", response.code);
      return Err(<Error<T>>::HttpFetchingError);

    // Next we fully read the response body and collect it to a vector of bytes.
    let resp_bytes = response.body().collect::<Vec<u8>>();

next you can use the response like:

let resut: RpcResponse = serde_json::from_slice(&res)
            .map_err(|e| {
              log::info!("deserialize error: {:?}", e);

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