After upgrading our chain to polkadot 0.9.38 I managed to build the benchmarking using cargo build --release --features runtime-benchmarks but when I try to benchmark any pallet after the build I always get the following error

Builder finished with `build_or_panic`; The panic is expected if runtime weights are not correct:

Error: Input("Did not find the benchmarking metadata. This could mean that you either did not build the node correctly with the `--features runtime-benchmarks` flag, or the chain spec that you are using was not created by a node that was compiled with the flag:

Any guidance on how to fix that error?

Link to code here

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The error was coming from setting the MAXIMUM_BLOCK_WEIGHT value using Weight::from_ref_time instead of Weight::from_parts using polkadot_primitives::MAX_POV_SIZE as u64 as proof size value

The correct value is

pub const MAXIMUM_BLOCK_WEIGHT: Weight = Weight::from_parts(
    polkadot_primitives::MAX_POV_SIZE as u64,

Found the solution to the problem through the answer of a question I asked here

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