In substrate ranked-collective pallet, we can see the function call.

let min_rank = T::MinRankOfClass::convert(class);

Check the code here.

In the polkadot repo, I can only find the configuration for type MinRankOfClass.

type MinRankOfClass = sp_runtime::traits::Identity;

Check the code here.

The problem is I still can not find where is the convert function implementation which works for fellowship collective(ranked-collective pallet). Could anybody help me out of this? Many thanks.

The reason I need to understand this code is I have to judge whether the rank of a fellowship member is enough to vote a fellowship referendum.

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Here you go.


Just like its name said, identity.

/// A structure that performs identity conversion.
pub struct Identity;
impl<T> Convert<T, T> for Identity {
    fn convert(a: T) -> T {

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