Thank you to the community who initially answered my question here

So this is where I'm at, I have 52 $WND tokens in Westend: enter image description here

But the minting center for NFTs is at Westmint, which is sitting on Westend relay chain. So ofc, I go to Westmint. But I go there and I see I have no $WND tokens, which is what's needed to pay my custom NFT Fungible asset.

enter image description here

So, again, I'm stuck and faced with impediment.

Can you please help me how to resolve this? What step am I missing?

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There used to be a teleport item in the menu under Accounts or Network if I recall but I see this is no longer there. But worry not, there is a way :)

You will need to craft an extrinsic from the Developer/Extrinsics Menu.

To get start started, I created a template transaction for you

Clicking on that link will open PolkadotJS and show you a transaction you can edit as shown below: enter image description here

First click the Submission button/tab so you can edit the tx: enter image description here

Make sure to send the tx from an account of yours that has enough funds. Here is a screenshot of the XCM call, it shows the relevant information: enter image description here

Here are a few caveats:

  • select an account of yours
  • your account should have enough funds
  • provide the right parachain ID, westmint is 1000
  • the fungible amount is in units, so 10 WND = 10_000_000_000_000 (+ 12 zeroes)
  • make sure the feeAssetItem is 0

Note that upon transaction success, you will need to wait a few more seconds (usually less than 12s) on the parachain for your WND to show up on Westmint.

See you on the other side :) and have fun.

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