I have a pallet that does some light calculation on one or more storage items (GasReserve and IdleFunds below) or wraps some internal functionality. E.g.

impl<T: Config> Pallet<T> {
        pub fn get_time() -> Option<T::BlockNumber> {
        pub fn idle_surplus_funds() -> BalanceOf<T> {

I would want this function to be directly accessible to a frontend using polkadot.js API. These getters don't modify state, so I don't want to expose them as extrinsics using #[pallet::call]. Any fn defined as #[pallet::getter(fn fn_name)] on a storage item becomes available through api.query.pallet.fn_name

I want to similarly expose the above funtion which does not directly map to a single storage item. Is this possible somehow? Preferably without creating a RuntimeApi section on this pallet, these getters are not relevant to the substrate client, only to a web frontend.

Benefit of exposing these: Code duplication between frontend and backend is avoided (as the frontend would have to query the underlying storage items and then compute the result internally), helping maintainability.

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V15 metadata will be exposing Runtime API type information for clients to consume in order to do things like generate web interfaces to make Runtime API calls. The state_call RPC method exists to allow people to call these runtime APIs and get back results in a web UI.

So, if you want to make some information available to the outside world, I would create a RuntimeApi for it, knowing that they can already do what you want, and support for calling them will only be improving over time :)

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