I'm making a wallet that has an address book / contacts feature so that it's easier and faster for users to send balances to other users.

Is storing the address book / contacts in the network is a good and correct way?

Should data such as contacts not be stored in blocks but stored in local storage?

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In my opinion there is no need to store the list of contacts of a user on chain, I can't see the benefits and it costs fees.

Storing in the local storage might be enough (with an option of export/import even better)

PolkadotJS UI has this functionality: Address Account, and it uses the keyring (@polkadot/ui-keyring) to store them.

If you want to store it on chain anyway, Polkadot for example has the identiy_pallet that allows a user to register its identity on-chain. It makes easier among other things to identify people and send them balances. You can think of building something similar (pallet or smart contracts) to store the list of contacts of a user.

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