My pallet has over 1,000 lines of codes so far(already separated implementation of the call functions). Over 30 call functions which are pretty messy to maintain.

Should I split them into small pallets and couple them all together? Should I split the test file and benchmarking as well?

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I'd suggest to take a look at some of the FRAME pallets. The balances pallet is a good example, it has the test file, benchmarking, types and different traits implementations in their own files.

Take a look into the nfts-pallet, it has more than 30 call functions too, and another example of a even bigger pallet is the staking pallet, where it splits some logic in their own pallets.

Also I'd like to share with you another interesting resources:

That's a good question, I'd love to see other answers with more feedback about best practices building a pallet.

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