I have a substrate node of Polkadot 0.9.28. It is customised to enable contracts, and I have enabled the contract and runtime pallets. The tutorial I worked on is no more available in substrate docs. I have updated my Ink version from 3 to 4. Now while working with the nodejs to deploy the contract on the chain I am facing issues. I have updated my @polkadot/api and @polkadot/api-contrat packages. I don't know why the development does not work. Hence I would like to update Polakdot to a new version while retaining the features of contract-pallet and runtime-pallet. Is there a way to update it?

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There are three cases according to me in your case:

After identifying what you require for your case, you can once try it on development mode are make a private network replicating your scenario to test it out first.

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