I have a scenario where I have to enter all values of a storage in drop down through Polkadot JS UI.

Suppose I have a pallet TestPallet and an extrinsic rate. There are two storage Items and Rating.

If a user selects TestPallet >> rate, I want to show all the items stored in Items so that user can select and rate.

In Items, items are stored with an id. So when user selects any item, I can store in Rating with ItemId.

Can someone please help me to provide the solution? Thanks in advance.

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It is possible to retrieve a list of all the keys and entries from a maps and double-maps with: .entries(<args>): [StorageKey, Type][].

An example in your case will be more or less like this:

const items = await api.query.testPallet.items.entries();

And this will be an array of key-values.

See in this previous StackExchange question an example to get all contracts: How to get a list of all the smart contract account ids and WASM blobs on a parachain

And see an example in the PolkadotJS docs.

  • sorry I still didn’t get my solution. How can I display list in Polkadot Js UI on extrinsic page?
    – Boleng
    May 22, 2023 at 20:05
  • Ahh sorry, In the current PolkadotJS UI this is not possible, but you can implement that if you have a custom UI using the polkadot-js library
    – Alex Bean
    May 23, 2023 at 8:27

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