I´m trying to make a parachain runtime upgrade without a migration, as a way to understand the process before trying with a migration.

I´m using version 0.9.40 of polkadot for the relay chain and the parachain template with the same version.

As I understand the process it should be as follow:

Is this correct?

I have seen other similar questions here but with a different extrinsic to be called, for example here: What is the proper way of executing a runtime upgrade on a parachain? . AuthorizeUpgrade from parachainSystem is being called. I didn´t found something similar in the relay chain. What I have encountered that seems to be similar is: ForceScheduleCodeUpgrade from paras

enter image description here

In case I should use that, I don´t know how to get relayParentNumber to make the call.

Any help would be appreciated.

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You should connect to your parachain node instead of the relaychain node. Because you want to upgrade the parachain. And the ParachainSystem only exists in parachain.

After that, follow the tutorial that you found. authorize -> enact.

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