I am using the pallet_xcm_benchmarks, in the config for pallet_xcm_benchmarks::generic, I have used

impl pallet_xcm_benchmarks::generic::Config for Runtime {
    fn worst_case_asset_exchange() -> Result<(MultiAssets, MultiAssets), BenchmarkError> {

this should have skipped the benchmark

exchange_asset {
    let (give, want) = T::worst_case_asset_exchange().map_err(|_| BenchmarkError::Skip)?;
    let assets = give.clone();

    let mut executor = new_executor::<T>(Default::default());
    let instruction = Instruction::ExchangeAsset {
        give: assets.into(),
        want: want.clone(),
        maximal: true,
    let xcm = Xcm(vec![instruction]);
    }: {
    } verify {
        assert_eq!(executor.holding(), &want.into());

when I run the benchmark, it shows

023-05-16 09:32:01 WARNING: benchmark error skipped - exchange_asset   Error: Input("Benchmark pallet_xcm_benchmarks::generic::exchange_asset failed: Benchmark not found for this pallet.")

The same config is used in kusama How to fix this problem?

  • What is the problem? The warning is always there. Does the CLI error out or what is the full output and exit code? Commented May 22, 2023 at 12:48


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