I'm implementing a client based on subxt, and have difficulties with subxt errors:

the trait `From<Result<std::option::Option<u32>, subxt::Error>>` is not implemented for `Result<std::option::Option<u32>, anyhow::Error>`

I see that subxt's error type derives from thiserror which should implement std::error::Error trait.

#[derive(Debug, thiserror::Error)]
pub enum Error {
    // [...]

From anyhow side, it should accept any type implementing the std::error::Error trait.

Is there some particular configuration of #[subxt::subxt(_____)] for error type to derive error trait?

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I've repro'd the error with a minimal example, and although the conversion subxt::Error -> anyhow::Error is implemented, it is not implemented when wrapped in a result. Thus, you can either manually use map_err or the ? operator.

use anyhow;
use subxt;

fn failable_func() -> Result<Option<u32>, anyhow::Error> {
    let err = subxt::Error::Other("Here's an error".to_string());
    let res: Result<Option<u32>, subxt::Error> = Err(err);
    // The line below would fail to compile, because result -> result
    // let err2 = res.into()
    // But we can manually map the error without issues
    let err2: Result<Option<u32>, anyhow::Error> = res.map_err(|e| e.into());
    // This would also work
    let inner = res?;

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