The link: https://github.com/paritytech/polkadot/releases

The message: Please note the upcoming deprecation of the balances.transfer call.

What is the Balances::transfer becomes Balances::transfer_allow_death meaning?

Should I use it like this?

const { tx } = expandMetadata(this.api.registry, this.api.runtimeMetadata);
const methodFunction2 = tx['balances']['transfer_allow_death'];

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That is correct.

Some renaming:

  • Balances::set_balance becomes Balances::force_set_balance
  • Balances::transfer becomes Balances::transfer_allow_death

In the latter case, since ecosystem tooling largely depends on using transfer, a compatibility stub for transfer remains, however this naming is DEPRECATED and ecosystem tools should move over to using transfer_allow_death within 3 months at which point the transfer alias will be removed.

Taken from the PR description:

Please read the PR as there is a wealth of information.

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