I want to benchmark verifying sr25519 signatures and for that I need to create a bunch of key pairs, sign some data, then benchmark the verification process, however using sp_core::sr25519::Pair is not allowed, it throws this error:

error[E0432]: unresolved import `sp_core::sr25519::Pair`
 --> /home/test/projects/custom/pallet/src/benchmarking.rs:8:5
8 | use sp_core::sr25519::Pair;
  |     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ no `Pair` in `sr25519`

I assume this is happening because it could be leaking some std features in Pair so it wouldn't compile, so how do I solve this?

PS: I'm not tied necessarily to that specific struct (in fact this is the first time going to work with it); I used to work with a cryptostore that generates sr25519 keys, so anything similar.

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Try something like this:

use sp_io::crypto::{sr25519_generate, sr25519_sign};
let caller_public = sr25519_generate(key_type_id, None);

And if you need a Substrate account from your sr25519 public key:

let caller = MultiSigner::Sr25519(caller_public).into_account().into();

You can see an example here.


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