using the following code ,

package main

import (

type Message struct {
Id      int         `json:"id"`
Jsonrpc string      `json:"jsonrpc"`
Method  string      `json:"method"`
Params  interface{} `json:"params"`

func main() {
// create a new WebSocket connection to the Polkadot node
endpoint := fmt.Sprintf("ws://%s:%d", "localhost", 9944)
conn, _, err := websocket.DefaultDialer.Dial(endpoint, nil)
if err != nil {
    log.Fatal("dial:", err)
defer conn.Close()

// subscribe to new block headers
message := Message{
    Id:      1,
    Jsonrpc: "2.0",
    Method:  "system_health",
    Params:  []interface{}{},
err = conn.WriteJSON(message)
if err != nil {
    log.Fatal("write:", err)

// listen for new peers
for {
    _, message, err := conn.ReadMessage()
    if err != nil {
        log.Fatal("read:", err)
    fmt.Printf("New message: %s\n", message)
    // Do something with the new message

i get this response only once


and the the code blocks here : conn.ReadMessage()

however i expected it will stream the changes every time the peers count changes or isSyncing changes for example


and so one.

am i missing something here ?


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