Frontier recently received support for Moonbeam's AccountId20: https://github.com/paritytech/frontier/pull/1019

So now I'm trying to use this new feature on PolkadotJS Apps. I'm running a Frontier Template Node (which now uses AccountId20 by default), and I added the following JSON to Settings/Developer tab of PolkadotJS Apps:

  "AccountId": "EthereumAccountId"

However, the Accounts tab is picking up Moonbeam's pre-funded accounts (Alith, Baltathar, etc), which don't really have funds on this template: image

While the prefunded accounts for Frontier Template Node, which are simply Alice, Bob, etc, don't show up at all.

For example:

  • Alith: 0xf24FF3a9CF04c71Dbc94D0b566f7A27B94566cac, no balance, shows up on Accounts tab
  • Alice: 0xE04CC55ebEE1cBCE552f250e85c57B70B2E2625b, correct balance, does not show up on Accounts tab

What are the necessary modifications (either on github.com/polkadot-js/apps or on frontier-template-node) in order to make this work out of the box?

edit: It was noted in the comments that this question is similar to How do I use the AccountId20 and EthereumSignature Signer with polkadot.js.org?, however the solution proposed there unfortunately is not enough, as packages/apps-config/src/settings/ethereumChains.ts already contains frontier-template


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On Jaco's comment:

  1. The type lookup doesn't work because in Polkadotjs is hardcoded to the account namespace (account::AccountId20) - which is Moonbeam's - and in Frontier the type is declared in fp_account::AccountId20.
  2. The Alith, Baltathar.. accounts are also hardcoded for ethereum-like chains in Polkadotjs.

To solve this:

  • PR polkadotjs to add fp_account namespace here
  • PR frontier to add Alith, Baltathar etc to genesis pre-funded accounts.

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