Is is possible to add/delete session keys directly to the raw chain specs instead of plain chain specs?

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Yep. That's possible.

For example:


/// The queued keys for the next session. When the next session begins, these keys
/// will be used to determine the validator's session keys.
#[pallet::getter(fn queued_keys)]
pub type QueuedKeys<T: Config> = StorageValue<_, Vec<(T::ValidatorId, T::Keys)>, ValueQuery>;

T::ValidatorId is the AccountId which you configured in the runtime. T::Keys is the SessionKeys which you configured in the runtime.

let validator_id = H256::default();
let session_keys = SessionKeys { ..Default::default() };
let queued_keys = vec![(validator_id, session_keys)].encode();
let hex = array_bytes::bytes2hex("0x", queued_keys);


Use Subalfred, PolkadotJS or any other tools to get the storage key.

λ subalfred storage-key --pallet Session --item QueuedKeys

Open the raw JSON file, and search 0xcec5070d609dd3497f72bde07fc96ba0e0cdd062e6eaf24295ad4ccfc41d4609. Change its value to println!("{hex}");'s output.

And you need to do this for the other necessary storage as well.

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