The Polkadot account 1vSN9CPVLXJWsY3JbdRU9KjAFFAx88yvEVpU1ayjnhSephy is a proxy, controlled by a multisig (13oHAjv9gNbdVKFk6uosaiyRAm2ybC48VnJ47Ss8F8pY7NgR).

All attempts to initiate an extrinsic with it (token transfer, bonding) end up in a failure with LiquidityRestrictions error. example: https://polkadot.subscan.io/extrinsic/15084711-3 extrinsic fail

This account has 454.1998 DOT transferable, 20.2580 DOT reserved, nothing bonded nor locked. but even a 1 DOT transfer ends up in a failure.


This account is also the root/toggler/nominator of the nomination pool #21. https://polkadot.subscan.io/nomination_pool/21 But it has no tokens bonded to this pool.

Following the referenda #111 enacting the nominationPools.minCreateBond to 500 DOT, I suspect the runtime to check this amount on the pool's root, while storage doesn't consider it bonded.

Could anyone confirm this is a bug?

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I believe the issue is not in the Proxy account but in the available balance of the multisig initiator account, i.e. 12bLdVAgWiKHgFHtAaQstasMUWVq35oG9iwHCwsKoFFNoNrk. As you can see in this wiki page ("How to use a multisig account " section), the account needs more than 20 DOTs available to initiate a multisig operation. The mentioned account only has 6.496 transferable DOTs at the moment. Can you please try to send more funds to this account and try again?

  • Thanks this is it! Hope this post will help next ones who have to problem, I'll edit the title
    – bLd
    Apr 14, 2023 at 16:13

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