Hi~ I have some questions about the developer staking process. I am using polkadot-api, developer staking part on shibuya-network.

At portal.astar.network, I can see staking info on the dApp Staking dashboard.

1st_Question) "Available to claim" shows "#-Era". If I claim 1 Era, how much SBY can I get? On my Test Result, I got 0.00181..SBY by calculating on 'Not Re-stake after claiming' option 'off'. ( [after-transferable-balance] - [prev-transferable-balance] + [claim-transaction-fee] = [1 Era-Reward] ). Can you give me some feedback about the above actions or some other guide?

2nd_Question) I try to retrieve by using the API wth:

await api.query.dappsStaking.generalStakerInfo(staker, getDappAddressEnum(dAppCa));

Where staker is a user-wallet and dAppCa is an EVM Contracts Account. The result returns Quantity of SBY that staked at Era like below: [currentEra : 2828 | Available to claim : 18 Era].

  "stakes": [
    { "staked": "0", "era": "2,805" },
    { "staked": "7,000,000,000,000,000,000", "era": "2,811" },
    { "staked": "7,007,761,889,397,804,870", "era": "2,817" }

How can I get "Available to claim-Era" by using polkadot-API?

How can I get 'A-staker' staking "dApp-list and each dApp's staked value" by using polkadot-API?

I just want to get the above information, like below function returns. If 'staker-wallet-address' staked on "dApp-A : 7 SBY, 3Era", "dApp-B : 5 SBY, 4Era", "dApp-C : 9 SBY, 8Era"

input-parameter(staker-wallet-address) =>
  "dApp-A" : ["3Era(Meaning-Reward)", "7 SBY"],
  "dApp-B" : ["4Era(Meaning-Reward)", "5 SBY"],
  "dApp-C" : ["8Era(Meaning-Reward)", "9 SBY"]

3rd_Question) How is the 'Available to claim'-value increased by the staking quantity and multi-dAapp Staking situation like in the above example?

Where can I get some infomation about my questions above? thx~^^

  • may I ask you to join our Astar group chat and discuss about this? t.me/astar_kr please tag me(@rheeunion) after you join. Apr 11 at 16:49
  • This sounds like a request to explain the whole dApps stalking. Please take a look at the docs, code, precompile first and for discussions please join the Astar Discord
    – Maario
    Apr 11 at 19:15
  • this question should be broken into multiple questions. i recently asked a similar question in the Astar Discord dApp Staking channel discord.com/channels/644182966574252073/890479283124994048 since the Astar UI currently allows you to claim rewards but doesn't yet display how many rewards are available to be claimed. Apr 12 at 4:30


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