I have a relay chain running with two validators. I wanted to connect a parachain with one collator node. I want to use my own key for the collator instead of using the predefined keys like //Alice etc.

Can anyone please point me to a guide to achieve this task?

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To add a new collator key to your Polkadot parachain in a development setup, you can follow these steps:

Generate a new key pair for the collator using a tool such as subkey or polkadot-js.

Add the new key to your local node's keystore by running the following command:

polkadot-js keyring add <key-name> --type sr25519 --suri <path-to-my-key>

Replace <key-name> with the name you want to give to your new key and <path-to-my-key> with the path to the file containing your key.

Update your node's configuration file to include the new collator key. The configuration file is usually located in the ./config directory and is named chain_spec.rs. You will need to update the genesis section and add the new key to the validators array:

"genesis": {
    "validatorIds": [

Replace <existing-validator-1> and <existing-validator-2>

with the existing validator keys that you want to retain, and replace <new-collator-key> with the new key you just generated.

Restart your node to apply the changes.

Once you have completed these steps, your node should be able to function as a collator using the new key you added.

edit1: Have you gone through these steps?

Generate a new keypair for the collator node using the subkey command-line tool.

subkey generate --scheme sr25519

Add the generated key to the aura section of the collator's chain specification file.

"aura": {
  "authorities": ["your_generated_key"],
  "params": {
    "stepDuration": 6,
    "validators": 1

Launch the collator node with the new key using the --validator and --key flags.

./collator_binary --validator --key "your_generated_key_seed"

Update the relay chain's chain specification file to include the parachain with the collator's node endpoint and ID.

"parachains": {
  "2001": {
    "bin": "path/to/parachain/binary",
    "id": 2001,
    "paraGenesis": "path/to/para/genesis",
    "collatorEndpoint": "/ip4/<collator_node_ip>/tcp/<collator_node_port>"

Finally, start the relay chain and connect it with the parachain by referencing its ID.

./relaychain_binary --parachain-id 2001

I hope this helps.

  • Thanks @Kayvan for the quick response. I am following exactly the same procedure to register my collator with the relay chain but my parachain is not producing any blocks. When I connect the parachain with the relay chain with the custom collator at work (Alice, bob) it produces blocks but when I generate my own account keys and use these keys as collator, the parachain stop producing blocks. I am using following command to generate my keys: ./target/release/my-node key generate --scheme Sr25519 --password-interactive Commented Apr 12, 2023 at 17:41
  • Thank you very much! It worked. Now the parachain is producing blocks. Commented Apr 12, 2023 at 21:34

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