I have a Public key (hex) and would like to convert it to an SS58 Address. What is the right function to use?

I found the docs here with an code-sniped: https://substrate-developer-hub.github.io/docs/en/knowledgebase/advanced/ss58-address-format


Public key (hex): 0x46ebddef8cd9bb167dc30878d7113b7e168e6f0646beffd77d69d39bad76b47a

SS58 Address: 12bzRJfh7arnnfPPUZHeJUaE62QLEwhK48QnH9LXeK2m1iZU


// Import Polkadot.js API dependencies.
const { decodeAddress, encodeAddress } = require("@polkadot/keyring");
const { hexToU8a, isHex } = require("@polkadot/util");


But these functions do not bring the right results..

Any suggestions?

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All you need is to add prefix when using encodeAddress(address, prefix), as in the wiki for the Polkadot-js API (https://polkadot.js.org/docs/keyring/start/ss58/)

A snippet:

const { encodeAddress } = require("@polkadot/keyring");

const address = "0x46ebddef8cd9bb167dc30878d7113b7e168e6f0646beffd77d69d39bad76b47a";

console.log(encodeAddress(address, 0)); //"12bzRJfh7arnnfPPUZHeJUaE62QLEwhK48QnH9LXeK2m1iZU"

Note: prefix 0 is for Polkadot address


You can simply use subkey inspect:

subkey inspect --keystore-uri 0x46ebddef8cd9bb167dc30878d7113b7e168e6f0646beffd77d69d39bad76b47a --network polkadot
Secret Key URI `` is account:
  Secret seed:       0xfac7959dbfe72f052e5a0c3c8d6530f202b02fd8f9f5ca3580ec8deb7797479e
  Public key (hex):  0x46ebddef8cd9bb167dc30878d7113b7e168e6f0646beffd77d69d39bad76b47a
  Public key (SS58): 12bzRJfh7arnnfPPUZHeJUaE62QLEwhK48QnH9LXeK2m1iZU
  Account ID:        0x46ebddef8cd9bb167dc30878d7113b7e168e6f0646beffd77d69d39bad76b47a
  SS58 Address:      12bzRJfh7arnnfPPUZHeJUaE62QLEwhK48QnH9LXeK2m1iZU

subscan provide convert tool here

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