I have old smart contracts written in ink! v3.x, and I need to update the substrate version (including pallet-contracts) to >= polkadot-v0.9.37. After the update, I'll need to redeploy my smart contract again.

My question is, can I just compile and deploy the smart contract from old v3.x sources, or is it required to migrate it to v4.x at first in order to deploy it on pallet-contracts >= polkadot-v0.9.37 ?

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You can deploy old ink! contracts to newer versions of pallet-contracts. The pallet is backwards compatible.

Note that you will have to use a cargo-contract version from before 2.0:

cargo install cargo-contract --version 1.5 --force

The 2.0 version of cargo-contract is incompatible with ink! 3.x contracts.

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