I want to add evm pallet and ethereum pallet into my substrate node from scratch, so how I can do that.

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If you are totally new first take a look into the Substrate Documentation: Add a pallet to the runtime.

Then take a look into the Frontier Node Template, it is a template node that has this two pallets:

A FRAME-based Substrate node with the Ethereum RPC support, ready for hacking 🚀

Specifically how is adding the EVM pallet and the Ethereum pallet in the runtime, and how is using the chain_spec to have some initial configuration.

Finally check the Susbtrate Documentation: Access EVM accounts to learn how to interact with your pallets.


You may take reference from some of the chains which have already integrated pallet_evm & paller_ethereum into substrate some e.g are ChainX & Reef-chain & Selendra

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