I'm new to Substrate and I'm creating a pallet in which the user can create contests by depositing a certain amount of assets. My idea is to send that amount to the PalletId account, but I'm having an error "Err(Token(CannotCreate))" when testing, and it's happening in the following function:


I didn't find it when I tried to see if anyone had something like this. I know the error is related to providers and consumers, but I couldn't relate it to my problem.

What could be happening to throw this error?


The repo is here: https://github.com/pablolteixeira/constests-unit-network/blob/main/substrate-node-unitchain/pallets/contests/src/lib.rs

On line 240, it's possible to find the "transfer" function that is panicking.

cargo test -p pallet-contests is sufficient to see the error happening.

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    Need more context. Which pallets are you using? Please include the repo for your code. Ideally also include steps to reproduce the error.
    – Bruno
    Mar 18, 2023 at 21:14

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Without more context, this could be your issue:

The tokens trait has an DepositConsequence enum which one of its variants is CannotCreate which means:

Deposit cannot happen since the account cannot be created (usually because it’s a consumer and there exists no provider reference).


Check if your pallet account has enough native balance. If it has less than existential balance this error can occur

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