Whenever i send one custom message provided by parity through this command

./target/debug/substrate-relay send-message millau-to-rialto
--source-host localhost
--source-port $MILLAU_PORT
--source-signer //Alice
raw 020419ac

It has been executing the three things 1: Xcmpallet.Sent 2: bridgeRialtoMessages.MessageAccepted 3: xcmPallet.FeesPaid

But how can i send a message through the XCM instruction from explorer only rather than from terminal . Can someone please guide me through this

enter image description here

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This the encoded bytes for sending trap instruction:



dest: XcmVersionedMultiLocation = V3 (version 3) {
    parent :u8 => 1 (going one level up and pointing to relaychain)
    interior: XcmV3Junctions => Here (we want to execute the instruction in relaychain)

message: XcmVersionedXcm : V3 (version 3) {
    0: XcmV3Instruction: XcmV3Instruction => Trap (XCM instruction)
    Trap: Compact<u64>: 1234 (user defined value to trap)

Result: enter image description here

  • Then how i can give instruction to transfer assets from one chain to another chain ? Can you please tell ? It is showing unreachable Commented Mar 15, 2023 at 10:00
  • Unfortunately, parity-common-bridges repo is not configured to perform this operation for now. You need to configure it in order to achieve this functionality. Commented Mar 15, 2023 at 14:56

You need to enable the Teleportation here. in your code

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