There is no any logs and off-chain workers does not work by default. How to specify to enable workers for parachain via command?


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Are you using the parachain node template from Cumulus?

According to the help text, it's only enabled for nodes that are authoring new blocks:

./target/release/parachain-template-node --help
  --offchain-worker <ENABLED>
      Should execute offchain workers on every block.
      By default it's only enabled for nodes that are authoring new blocks.
      [default: when-authority]

      Possible values:
      - always:
        Always have offchain worker enabled
      - never:
        Never enable the offchain worker
      - when-authority:
        Only enable the offchain worker when running as a validator (or collator, if this is a parachain node)

Looks like it is enabled here:

if parachain_config.offchain_worker.enabled {

So try running your node with the --offchain-worker always flag.

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