I need to iterate over the following double map inside an offchain worker:

enter image description here

How can I access this map outside the pallet assets? Can I use an RPC method to get all the values for that double map inside an offchain worker?

It should be done with fn iter_key_prefix() from the IterableStorageDoubleMap trait?

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Are you still running into this issue?

I believe you can do something like this:

impl<T: Config> Hooks<BlockNumberFor<T>> for Pallet<T> {
    fn offchain_worker(now: T::BlockNumber) {
        YourStorageMapHere::<T>::iter().for_each(|v| {
            // Do things with the iterated values `v` in here

Bear in mind the usual considerations when developing around offchain workers, for example, not trusting the offchain worker.

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