What is the best way to call a contract (based on the Substrate Blokchain) on the backend side from the code? I know there is Polkadot.js but it's rather a frontend focused tool, and there is also cargo-contract which enables us to call a contract from the command line.

In my case I am building a backend, where I will store account with private keys, loaded with the native tokens for gas fees, to call a given contract. Moreover, I am also looking for a way to sign a message with Polakdot wallet on the frontend, and send this message to backend, to verify the signer. Possibly, the solution should be written in Rust - therefore cargo-contract always comes to my mind, I am just not sure how could I execute the call function straight inside of the code, instead executing it in the command line.

Thanks in advance for any tip

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You can use polkadot-js/api library for both frontend and backend work (if both frontend and backend are based on Javascript).
You can use this api to sign, verify messages and deploy/call ink contracts.
Take a look at the documentation on here.

If you are using any other languages, please find the tool/library that suits you from this link.

  • Thanks! I have even built my entire tool for that during the weekend you can check it out here github.com/KowalewskiPawel/… However the problem is that I am still looking for a Rust oriented tool :)
    – Pawel
    Commented Feb 20, 2023 at 11:39

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