I want to update staking_ledger from a custom pallet for migration of data from one chain to another, using method pallet_staking::Pallet::<T>::update_ledger but i am getting error that update_ledger is a private function, so how can I call a private function in migration pallet.

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To make the pallet locally and update the visibility of the update_ledger function from pub (crate) to pub, you can follow these steps:

  • Locate the file where the update_ledger function is defined within
    your pallet. Change the visibility of the update_ledger function from pub (crate) to pub. This makes the function publicly accessible outside of the crate.

There is no way to call a private function unless you use unsafe and calculate the function address.

I think you could clone the Substrate repository and change that function to public. Then use cargo patch for this time.

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