Generating transaction via ApiPromise through api.tx.xxx method generated a SubmittableExtrinsicFunction object. Which has a toJSON() function that return what I would call a raw transaction.

Is there any way I can recreate a SubmittableExtrinsicFunction from the raw transaction?

Also if you sign the SubmittableExtrinsicFunction you get a Submittable object. Which again has a toJSON() function the question again is how to go from json result back to Submittable object.

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The best way to do the serialization here is to use toHex() instead of toJSON().

Take a look at the example of how to do it:

const transfer = await api.tx.balances.transfer(BOB, 100000000000);
// Serialize
const serializedTransaction = transfer.toHex();
// Deserialize
const deserializedTransaction = api.tx(serializedTransaction);

Now you have the SubmittableExtrinsic again and you can send it:

const result = await deserializedTransaction.signAndSend(alice);

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