use sp_core::crypto::AccountId32;
use sp_core::crypto::Ss58Codec;
use subxt::{

    runtime_metadata_path = "./artifacts/metadata.scale",
    derive_for_all_types = "Clone, Debug, Eq, PartialEq"
pub mod polkadot {}

let account_id32 = AccountId32::from_string(&account_id).unwrap();
let account_id32_clone = account_id32.clone();

let client = subxt::client::OnlineClient::<PolkadotConfig>::from_url(NODE_URL)
let balance_storage = polkadot::storage().system().account(account_id32_clone);
let balance_details = client

if let Some(balance_details) = balance_details {

It was working before subxt upgrade to subxt 0.26.0

But now it gives error:

 let balance_storage = polkadot::storage().system().account(account_id32_clone);
   |                                                                    ------- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the trait `Borrow<subxt::utils::AccountId32>` is not implemented for `sp_core::crypto::AccountId32`
   |                                                                    |
   |                                                                    required by a bound introduced by this call

I am using sp-core = { version = "7.0.0", default-features = false }

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use subxt::utils::AccountId32;

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