I get this error running swanky contract tx flipper flip -a alice -g 1000000000. I have increased the gas, I have no clue what else to try. Also is there a place to check for { Err: { Module: { index: '7', error: '0x02000000' } } } like this? Thanks

2023-02-03 01:14:43        API/INIT: RPC methods not decorated: transaction_unstable_submitAndWatch, transaction_unstable_unwatch
✔ Initialising OK
✔ Getting metadata OK
Gas required: 10,000,000,000
Tx result:
  dispatchError: { Module: { index: '7', error: '0x02000000' } },
  dispatchInfo: { weight: '1,449,232,000', class: 'Normal', paysFee: 'Yes' },
  events: [
    { phase: [Object], event: [Object], topics: [] },
    { phase: [Object], event: [Object], topics: [] },
    { phase: [Object], event: [Object], topics: [] }
  internalError: undefined,
  status: {
    Finalized: '0x15e61e58cd413d8a7eaf72c39398a6829b3c793cecaff79ecc4e993a16320a78'

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Ideally the client itself would resolve the correct error from the metadata. However, given the raw error code you can look it up manually:

Find the code for the runtime of the node you are running, and in lib.rs you can see all the pallets defined in construct_runtime!. Count the pallets starting from 0, in this case 7 is the Contracts pallet:


Now we need to find the error in pallet-contracts. It is 0x02, which will be the error at position 2. In this case OutOfGas:


So you can add a few more zeros to that gas amount. I don't know whether swanky supports this but other tools e.g. cargo-contract will first perform a dry-run which will automatically estimate the amount of gas required, so you are unlikely to get this error.

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