I am using Substrate Connect in the browser following the docs for a custom chain spec. When I try to create a new ScProvider like the documentation suggests i get an error that I am missing a variable in the constructor.

TS2554: Expected 2-3 arguments, but got 1.
    41 | // Create the provider for the custom chain
    42 |     const customSpec = JSON.stringify(jsonCustomSpec);
  > 43 |     const provider = new ScProvider(customSpec);

In the substrate lib the constructor code is asking for SubstrateConnect. Any ideas on this?

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You need at least the SubstrateConnect instance (And the relay chain in case of a parachain).

See the example to connect to Statemint:

import { ScProvider} from "@polkadot/rpc-provider";
import * as Sc from "@substrate/connect";
import { ApiPromise } from "@polkadot/api";
import jsonParachainSpec from "./statemint.json";

 const relayProvider = new ScProvider(Sc, Sc.WellKnownChain.polkadot);
 const parachainSpec = JSON.stringify(jsonParachainSpec);
 const provider = new ScProvider(Sc, parachainSpec, relayProvider);
 await provider.connect();

  • this did it. thank you. import * as Sc from "@substrate/connect"; then use the Sc in new ScProvider(Sc, spec); Feb 2 at 21:31

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