I need to implement the crowdloan reward distribution. Do we have have any reference/example for that?

What are the options we have to distribute the rewards?

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First check the code of the Parachain Crowdloaning pallet which is included in the Polkadot runtime.

The point of this pallet is to allow parachain projects to offer the ability to help fund a deposit for the parachain. When the crowdloan has ended, the funds are returned.

For distributing rewards for crowdloan participation in parachain-native tokens, check this interesting one build from the community: Crowdloan Rewards Pallet.

Another example see this blog for the Composable’s Implementation of the Crowdloan Rewards Pallet and the code of the pallet.

Other interesting resources for a crowdloan is read the blogs of different parachains that has successfully done one: Moonbeam, Astar, Unique Network ...

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