Can you explain me how I retrieve (from Polkadot JS) :

  1. The nomination pool name (from a given pool Id)
  2. The stash account of nomination pool creator ?

For example, here is the first nomination pool : https://polkadot.subscan.io/nomination_pool/1

enter image description here How can I get the name : Paradox | ParaNodes.io - Nominating hight return ...

And from given creator account address : 12NRTphLWqYK5Tri7V2aVGcXWuJ78NFPPjwSN9ZkUxLhCa78, how do I retrieve 13UVJyLnbVp8c4FQeiGUYwmthuauL7RecwzpKCd3cwgRPCPp address ?

Thanks a lot for you help :)


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To get the name you have to query the metadata:

const metadata = await api.query.nominationPools.metadata(pool_id);

The result is an hex value: 0x50617261646f78207c20506172614e6f6465732e696f20f09f9a80202d204e6f6d696e6174696e6720686967682072657475726e2c20747275737465642c20696e646570656e64656e742076616c696461746f72732e

You can convert it to String using the utils from the polkadotJS library:

const { hexToString } = require('@polkadot/util');

This will return you the name: Paradox | ParaNodes.io 🚀 - Nominating high return, trusted, independent validators.

  • Thanks a lot ! I didn't realized the metadata utility :)
    – Apolixit
    Commented Jan 31, 2023 at 13:01

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