I am interacting with the substrate node using substrate interfact. I am using following command to submit extrinsic to be executed by the runtime:

extrinsic = substrate.create_signed_extrinsic(

    receipt = substrate.submit_extrinsic(extrinsic, wait_for_inclusion=True)

    if not receipt.is_success:
        raise IOError

Like we examine the events after submitting and executing the extrinsic. On the same line, I wanted to examine the properties of the extrinsic executed by this command. How can I achieve this?

  • You only created one extrinsic with that, how do you want to examine "all the extrinsics created by this command"? There is only one. Jan 27, 2023 at 23:30
  • Yes. You are right. Let me re phrase my question Jan 29, 2023 at 19:11


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