I wonder if there is a structure in pallets, which other projects should follow.

We have the following elements:

  1. < Config trait >
  2. < Types >
  3. < Storage >
  4. < Genesis info>
  5. < Events >
  6. < Error >
  7. < Hooks>
  8. < Dispatchables >
  9. < Pallet public and private functions >
  10. < Trait Implementations >

Are there any elements missing? If yes, make a suggestion of your structure with the new elements inside!

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aside from the outer

mod pallet {}

and the fact that everything needs to be inside of this, internals of a pallet are almost entirely normal Rust and the mentioned items can appear anywhere with any order.

Here are some suggested best-practices:

  • Config trait should come first.
  • Place all storage items next to each other.
  • I would put the types at the top.

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