Is there a way to suppress this warning when using Polkadot.js?

API/INIT: RPC methods not decorated: chainHead_unstable_body, chainHead_unstable_call, chainHead_unstable_follow, chainHead_unstable_genesisHash, chainHead_unstable_header, chainHead_unstable_stopBody, chainHead_unstable_stopCall, chainHead_unstable_stopStorage, chainHead_unstable_storage, chainHead_unstable_unfollow, chainHead_unstable_unpin, mmr_root, mmr_verifyProof, mmr_verifyProofStateless, transaction_unstable_submitAndWatch, transaction_unstable_unwatch
  • I'm using "@polkadot/api": "^9.13.6", and I added new ApiPromise({ provider, rpc: customRpc, noInitWarn: true }); but it still display warning May 9, 2023 at 3:17

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Yes this is possible. When instatiating your ApiPromise, you may pass in noInitWarn: true as an option.

Here is the actual field in the interface ApiOptions type.


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