I'm trying to figure out the difference between two numbers I see at https://staking.polkadot.network/.

First, the last era payout shows a figure of 289,553 DOTs (https://staking.polkadot.network/#/payouts).

Second, the historical reward rate shows 15.56% (https://staking.polkadot.network/#/overview).

The total active stake is showing 572,068,700 DOTs. I expected the following to be true, except it doesn't line up using the numbers above.

active stake * historical reward rate = last era payout
active stake * historical reward rate = 572,068,700 * (15.56% / 365) = 243,874 != last era payout = 289,553

I'm wondering what I'm missing. Are these two numbers getting at different network statistics?


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