Using the ts code to call the parasSudoWrapper.sudoScheduleParaInitialize interface to register the parachain locally, the parachain has not produced blocks.. It is only a parathread found in the polkadot.js UI. I need to manually call slots.froceLease on the UI interface to renew the slot lease, and the parathread can be used Upgrade to parachain. However, calling the parasSudoWrapper.sudoScheduleParaInitialize directly on the polkadot-js UI interface can successfully register the parachain and work normally. But using polkadot-v0.9.32 or previous versions, there is no such problem.

BTW I found that other parachain teams also introduced slots.frocelease in their own polkadot-launch. for example:

Related issue https://github.com/litentry/litentry-parachain/issues/1097.

Hope you can answer my question. Thanks a lot!

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I‘m on 0.9.33 and 0.9.36. Both works for me.

Did you change this to Yes?

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