From my understanding how the runtime store its state adding an extra storage variable like

  pub Verified (get fn is_verified): map hasher(blake2_128_concat) us64 => ();

to a pallet that already has storage state like

  pub Member (get fn membership_info): map hasher(blake2_128_concat) u64 => Member;

With Member being say a struct containing various fields.

This Should Not require a runtime upgrade. But if I decide to add a boolean flag to the Member data structure then a runtime upgrade is required. Am I correct in all of this?

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Yes you are correct.

Adding new storage types do not require any migrations. However, they are also not present in the storage. So, if you require that a storage item is set to a certain value, you need a migration to initialize the value.

If you are changing the Member struct by adding or removing a value, you are changing its encoded format and require a migration to fix up all storage items.

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