I have decorated custom RPC types for methods for polkadot-js-apps. I added them in ./packages/apps-config/src/api/spec/<chain-name>.ts, (then i also needed to add it into typesBundle.js, and the rpc area of apps, so now it works for testing).

But now i want to use api.rpc.<pallet>.<method> within a new app in ./packages/page-< pallet >, which requires types to be added somewhere else?

The error i am getting is:

Property 'x' does not exist on type 'DecoratedRpc<"promise", RpcInterface>',

Where do i add decoration for these promises?

If it is relevant, i am trying to add things in typegen, but how do you refer to it in apps so i can create an async function.

Some clarity would be appreciated!

Where do i find an example or create an RpcInterface?



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