Currently, I am trying to add the custom RPC into the polkadot.js apps to let me send the RPC call via polkadot.js apps.

I discovered that I have to generate my type-definition with the RPC/types, a file in the apps/packages/apps-config/src/api/spec, and set it up in the apps/packages/apps-config/src/api/spec/index.ts.

However, there are several projects (acala.js/packages/type-definitions, sora2-substrate-js-library/packages/type-definitions) that define their type-definitions. After I define my type-definition like them, how could I use these files to convert to the files which the apps-config in apps can use?

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Found the way. I should use the script, polkadot-dev-build-ts, to convert them to the files that polkadot.js/apps are needed.

  • Can you explain how did you use it? facing the same issue, I've generated the types using typegen and now I want them to use in the polkadot-js/apps
    – Discardo
    Feb 7 at 9:02

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