Just to clarify, I am not asking about the max upload size of a contract. I am able to upload my contract to my chain no problem.

I have two smart contracts (A,B) A calls a transaction on smart contract B when smart contract A is deployed. This was working absolutely fine, I made sure that the contracts were funded, so it is not the case the the contract ended up in tombstone state. Then out of nowhere i got an error when deploying Contract A, I got a ContractTrapped Error.

I investigated more deeply and it was not an error with Contract A. I was able to deduce this from the fact that when contract A called a copy of B, it worked fine.

Looked deeper into this and it turns out I could not make any transactions on Contract B at all, but could still query the data stored in it.

So i looked into the contract StorageDeposit over time

  const r = range(573000, 574000, 1);
  r.map(async (block) => {
    const hash = await api.rpc.chain.getBlockHash(block);
    const apiAt = await api.at(hash);
    const contract = await apiAt.query.contracts.contractInfoOf(
    const timestamp = await apiAt.query.timestamp.now();
      `StorageDeposit at block ${block} is ${
      } and timestamp is ${new Date(timestamp.toNumber())}`

And I found this was the issue

  • StorageDeposit at block 573007 is 1382380000000 and timestamp is Mon Jan 02 2023 13:03:00 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)
  • StorageDeposit at block 573008 is 1382580000000 and timestamp is Mon Jan 02 2023 13:03:06 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)

The contract StorageDeposit maxed out at 1382580000000, which also explains why i can read the state of the smartcontract, but not add more.

So ultimately my question is, where on the contracts pallet configuration can i increase this?

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You can specify the storage_deposit_limit as part of your message/instantiation call in cargo-contract

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