I have a function

//for testing purposes only!
pub fn some_fn(n: T::BlockNumber) {

for testing purposes only!

How to check is it a mock runtime?

something like that

let is_mock = frame_system::is_mock_runtime!

But frame_system::is_mock_runtime macros does not exist.

Please give me advise how to check is it a mock runtime or not. Thanks.

Happy New Year!🎄


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Were does this function live? Is it inside a pallet?

In any case you can use Rust features to make it available only for testing like this:

// Std is never enabled in the Runtime.
// This function can only be called from testing but not from the pallet itself:
#[cfg(feature = "std")]
pub fn some_fn(n: T::BlockNumber) {
// Or you can restrict it to testing, which only works from the same crate since the
// 'test' feature does not propagate to dependencies:
pub fn some_fn(n: T::BlockNumber) {

This is being done in the the Generalized Message Queue pallet to shield its debug_info() function from accidental production use.

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