How do I get the list of all the assets that are present and their supply in Statemint?

Ideally either with Polkadot-JS api or py-substrate-interface.

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Using PolkadotJS you can get the list of assets with this script:

    const wsProvider = new WsProvider('wss://statemint.api.onfinality.io/public-ws');
    const api = await ApiPromise.create({ provider: wsProvider });

    const chain = await api.rpc.system.chain();
    console.log(`----- Chain: ${chain} -----`);

    const assets = await api.query.assets.metadata.entries();
    assets.forEach(([{args: [id] } ,asset]) => {
      console.log(`${id}: ${asset}`);

You can also query the list of assets using PolkadotJS UI calling the extrinsic metadata and disabling Include Option

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Using py-substrate-interface it would be something like:

substrate = SubstrateInterface(url="wss://statemint-rpc.polkadot.io")

assets_metadata = substrate.query_map(
    'Assets', 'Metadata'

for asset, metadata in assets_metadata:
    print(f'Metadata of asset "{asset.value}": {metadata.value})')

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