I have a StorageValue defined as follows

    #[pallet::getter(fn reg_students)]
    pub type RegStudents<T: Config> =
        StorageValue<_, BoundedVec<StudentId, T::MaxStudents>, ValueQuery>;

and the types are defined as follows

type MaxStudents: Get<u16>;

pub type StudentId = u32;

I am getting the following error compiling

62  | pub trait StorageValue<T: FullCodec> {
    |                           ^^^^^^^^^ required by this bound in `frame_support::StorageValue::get`
help: consider introducing a `where` clause, but there might be an alternative better way to express this requirement
103 |     #[pallet::storage where sp_runtime::BoundedVec<u32, <T as pallet::Config>::MaxStudents>: Decode]

StorageValue<_, BoundedVec<StudentId, T::MaxStudents>, ValueQuery>;
    |                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the trait `Decode` is not implemented for `sp_runtime::BoundedVec<u32, <T as pallet::Config>::MaxStudents>`

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Please check the impl.


It requires Get<u32>.


type MaxStudents: Get<u32>;

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