I'm trying to measure the time a pallet call takes, in milliseconds.
So I can compare for different setups the call 'impact', for example use different numbers of collators, and gather useful data to make optimizations.

I'm using zombienet to make some tests, with the intention of taking the time average from a production-like environment, counting the delay of block production/finalization and propagation time.

So, How could I measure the time in the most realistic way possible?
Appreciate as always documentation and additional info on the matter!
Thank you all :)

  • The time it takes to execute a call in the worst case must be known in advance. It is declared by its weight. The first component is the time in picoseconds. I dont quite get what you try to do though. The maximal number of TX per block is constant, not variable. May 22 at 12:49


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